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Pints For Our Kids


Saving Our Kids

Thousands of our nation's 69 million children suffer from diseases that require blood transfusions.

In our area alone, hundreds of children with life-threatening diseases such as leukemia, sickle cell anemia, lymphoma and Hodgkin's disease need repeated transfusions just to stay alive.

According to a recent study by the National Blood Data Resource Center, individual blood donations declined from 14 million in 1994 to 12.6 million in 1997, while transfusion rates increased by 3 percent in that same period. The study predicts that the need for blood will continue to grow, possibly by more than 1 percent per year; the same is not true for donations.

Since we can no longer assume that blood will be available when needed, we must find ways to assure that it is available for our children who need life-saving transfusions.


Our Commitment

Community Blood Services (CBS) established the Pints for Our Kids' program to ensure that our community's children will have access to life-giving blood when needed.

Through the Pints for Our Kids' program CBS will donate blood to institutions that have earned indisputable reputations for providing quality medical care to children suffering from cancer and blood disorders.


Corporate and Community Support

To help fund this ongoing program and cover any costs incurred for blood or blood products, sponsoring corporations and community-based organizations can:

  • Sponsor annual blood drives
  • Provide annual grants
  • Make monetary donations
  • Sponsor fundraising events
  • Establish a matching gift program


How the Program Works

The Pints for Our Kids' program gives corporations and community-based organizations the opportunity to pursue a vital goal - helping our area's critically ill children.

Two to three times per month communities and/or corporations will be asked to sponsor blood drives. A portion of the blood and products collected from these drives will be designated for each of the member institutions of the program, depending on their needs. This blood will be made available for exclusive use by the pediatric programs at these institutions and at no cost to the families of the children receiving the products.

By participating in the Pints for Our Kids' blood drives, Corporate and community groups can directly impact the health care of our area's children.


Special Recognition

Corporations and community groups participating in the Pints for Our Kids' program will be acknowledged in letters to the recipient institutions, on the Community Blood Services web site and in its newsletter. In addition, participating corporations and community groups will be honored at Community Blood Services' 2002 gala.

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