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Circle of Friends members are a select group of individuals who support the Community Blood Services Foundation. Circle of Friends members give an annual gift of $250 to the Foundation. These funds are used by CBSF to develop educational programs designed to promote the importance of donating blood and to increase donor recruitment efforts.

Among the many benefits of being a Circle of Friends Member are:

  • A personalized member's card with the Donor's Services phone number to call and advise the blood center if a member's relative or friend has been hospitalized and is in need of a transfusion.
  • A commemorative brick 4"X 8" imprinted with your choice of message. The brick will place in the blood center's Brick Gardens outside the main entrance.
  • Invitations to all CBSF private events including auctions, golf outings, and cocktail receptions among others.
  • Circle of Friends member's card will help expedite the registration process when a member wishes to donate blood. In addition, one of the blood center's specially trained technicians will be assigned to the Circle of Friends donor to see to her/his needs during the donating process.
  • Circle of Friends members who donate platelets can also use their membership card to expedite the registration process and to reserve MECOS, the blood center's state-of-the-art wireless entertainment system when scheduling their appointment.
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