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Donor Eligibility Guidelines

Community Blood Services thanks you for wanting to save lives in our community, and for recognizing the importance of giving and receiving blood. Donor eligibility guidelines are set by federal, state and local health agencies to ensure the safety of our donors and recipients.

You are eligible to donate if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are in good health
  • You are 17 to 75 years old
  • You are 16 years old in New York and have a parental consent form
  • You are over 75 years old but have a doctor’s note
  • You weigh at least 110 pounds
  • You have diabetes, asthma or high blood pressure but it is under control
  • You have not donated blood in the last 56 days (112 days if your last donation was double red cells)

You may be temporarily ineligible to donate as the result of:

  • Travel to some areas outside the U.S. or Canada, which can result in a temporary or permanent deferral from donating
  • Certain medical conditions
  • Certain medical procedures
  • Certain medicines being taken for infection
  • Tattoo or body piercing
  • Vaccinations
  • Pregnancy

You are ineligible to donate blood is you have the following medical conditions:

  • HIV positive
  • Hepatitis or jaundice (after age 11)
  • History of leukemia or lymphoma
  • Some organ transplants
  • Creutzfeldt Jacob Disease or a family history of the disease

Contact us if you are not sure about your eligibility to donate or refer to our FAQ.

If you are eligible to donate the next step is to register and become a donor.