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Donor Services

Our Donors Are Special

Donor Services, which operates under the Clinical Services department at Community Blood Services, focuses on the collection of allogenic (for community), autologous (for your own surgery), directed (for a specific patient), and therapeutic (for Hereditary Hemochromatosis) blood collections.

Our goal is to supply patients in the more than 30 community hospitals we serve with safe high-quality blood products, and to assure our donors have safe and positive donation experiences.

Community Blood Services continuously strives to excel in our delivery of customer service. Our donors are special and we are thankful they let us assist in their life saving donation.

Safety and Training
We adhere to the rigorous safety rules and regulations established by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the states of New Jersey and New York, and the AABB (formerly the America Association of Blood Banking) to ensure the quality of the products we collect and the safety of both our donors and the patients who receive those products.

Our highly qualified staff works hard to assist our donors with any questions they may have regarding registration, eligibility, the donation process and what to do post donation. Our Special Donor Services staff assists and meets the needs of our autologous, directed, and therapeutic donors.

All of our staff members have graduated from approved nursing and phlebotomy programs. In addition, Community Blood Services has been designated as a testing site for national donor phlebotomy certification, and our phlebotomists are nationally certified in both phlebotomy and donor phlebotomy. As professionals the staff attend classes and seminars to maintain their skills and increase their knowledge of new trends and technology within the field of blood collections.

Convenient Donation Sites
Blood collections are done at our many convenient donation sites, including our donor centers in Paramus and Lincoln Park in New Jersey and in New Windsor and Warwick in New York. We also service mobile drives in community, academic and corporate settings.

Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding our donor services.