Hosting a Blood Drive
The most successful blood drives are the ones which get the most people involved!
Step 1: Contact the Blood Center to speak to a recruitment representative.
  • Discuss with your representative the date and time of your drive, the location of the drive and the number of potential donors.
  • Determine the appropriate promotional materials for your drive with your representative.
  • Arrange a "site visit" with your representative to verify access to the blood drive site.
Step 2: Promote your drive within your organization.
  • Get other people involved. Recruit "team leaders" for each department or group within your organization. Have these leaders recruit donors in their areas.
  • Publicize the drive by placing posters and other printed materials in high-traffic areas where they are sure to be seen.
  • Increase awareness level of potential donors by educating them to the need for blood.
  • Distribute fliers supplied by the Blood Center near to the drive date as final reminders.
  • Provide small token gift to each donor.
Schedule donation appointments to insure the maximum participation. Your representative can suggest the most efficient scheduling for your particular drive.
Hints on Running a Successful Blood Drive
  • Get the organization's officers to help with promotion.
  • Meet with Team Leaders to coordinate promotion and education efforts.
  • Speak to prospective donors individually to increase participation.
  • Select a theme for your drive and use it in advertising.
  • Use reminder cards to reinforce appointments.
  • Say "Thank You!" to all donors.


Additional Hints for Community, High School & Corporate Blood Drives

Community Blood Drives
  • Assemble a team of community leaders to promote the blood drive.
  • Include church groups, ambulance and fire companies, lodges and school groups in plans to get everyone in town involved!
  • Contact previous donors to schedule appointments.
  • Use all available media to raise awareness (local papers, radio and cable TV stations,…etc.)
  • Ask the Mayor to promote the drive as a special town project.
  • Recruit volunteers to help out on the day of the drive.
High School Blood Drives
  • Set up a committee to involve ALL groups in the school.
  • Use the school paper and PA system to advertise the drive.
  • Hang posters near main entrances and in main halls.
  • Use "table tents" in the cafeteria.
  • Set up a competition between different groups, sports teams, etc.
  • Involve the faculty and staff.
  • Make sure all donors have proper ID.
Corporate Blood Drives
  • Have each department designate one employee to act as Team Leader for their department.
  • Meet with Team Leaders to coordinate efforts and assign departmental goals.
  • Establish a central appointment schedule to coordinate departmental appointments.
  • Use e-mail and inter-office mail to promote the drive.
  • Use posters, flyers and reminder cards in strategic areas.
  • Solicit support and participation from upper management.
  • Take pictures to use in newsletters after the drive.
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