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Longtime Paramus Resident
Honored for His 450th Life-Giving Donation

December 2015


Edward Babilot, a Paramus resident for 43 years, was recently recognized and honored for making his 450th donation at the Paramus Donor Center, surrounded by donor center staff members like Donor Technician Raida Diaz (left) and Supervisor Princess Davis (right) whom he’s known for many years.

A former longtime volunteer at Community Blood Services, Ed began donating in NYC in 1959 where he worked at the NY Central Railroad back when you could donate and get the rest of the day off with pay as thanks for your donation. Ed started off donating whole blood then became a regular platelet donor when the late Ed Bello, also a volunteer with our blood center, recruited him to donate platelets in 1996.

“Everyone should donate. It’s just the right thing to do,” Ed says about his ongoing commitment to saving lives in his community.

A hearty thank you from all of us at Community Blood Services, Ed, for your generous spirit and dedication!

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