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World Mission Society Church of God
Holding Community Blood Drive
With Community Blood Services

March 29, 2015


BELLEVILLE, NJ - This Sunday, April 3 the World Mission Society Church of God will partner with Community Blood Services to hold a Blood of Life community blood drive to help replenish the blood supply that was critically impacted this past winter by back-to-back snowstorms and frigid temperatures.

The drive on Sunday will take place from noon to 5 p.m. at the Word Mission Society Church of God, 393 Washington Ave. in Belleville. The Church of God is hoping to collect more than 100 life-giving pints of blood during the drive.

By holding the drive, the Church of God wishes to display the importance of not only physical blood that gives life, but of the blood of Christ promised through Passover to give eternal life to all mankind.

There has been an ongoing shortage of blood during the past few months because blood drives and donor appointments were canceled as a result of storms and record cold, said Karen Ferriday, director of community affairs at Community Blood Services. She said the center depends upon donor groups like the Church of God to help replenish the supply for patients in local hospitals who need transfusions.

“We can’t thank the Church of God enough for answering the call to help and partnering with us to address this critical need,” Ferriday said. She said all blood types are needed, especially Type O negative, the universal blood type in most demand by hospitals.

Community Blood Services provides blood and blood products to more than 30 hospitals, medical centers and trauma centers in New Jersey and New York, including HackensackUMC hospitals (NJ), St. Joseph’s Healthcare System in Paterson/Wayne (NJ), The Valley Hospital in Ridgewood (NJ), Atlantic Health System hospitals (NJ) and Orange Regional Medical Center (NY).

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