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Earn Books for Your School Library!
Hold a a KidzKare™ Blood Drive

Fall 2014


As the school year begins, Community Blood Services is looking for parents, educators, school nurses or community members to sponsor KidzKare™ community blood drives at their local elementary or middle schools to help ease the ongoing blood shortage facing our community.

The blood center’s innovative KidzKare™ program allows schools to earn valuable books for their school, library or educational programs. One book is earned for every unit of blood collected.

“Our KidzKare™ program also gives us the opportunity to educate local students at an early age about the importance of donating blood to prepare them to become our future blood donors,” said Karen Ferriday, director of community affairs at Community Blood Services. “By holding a blood drive, students can take pride in knowing they have helped save lives in their community.”

More blood drives are needed to ensure an adequate blood supply is always available for the patients in local community hospitals who need transfusions. The center depends upon its dedicated community members to help by sponsoring community, corporate and school drives, Ferriday noted. In recent months, she said there has been an ongoing shortage of all blood types, particularly Type O negative, the universal blood type that can be used during emergencies.

To find out how to sponsor a KidzKare™ drive with your school, click here or email jas[email protected] .

Community Blood Services provides blood and blood products to more than 18 hospitals in New Jersey and New York.

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