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December 2013

Community Blood Services


Donate Blood & Help Save A LifeLife Shared. Life Saved.

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We Need YOU
This Holiday Season!

As volunteer blood donors, Sharon and Ed Ament
have been helping patients in our community for almost 30 years,
and now their daughter Samantha is also a life-giving donor!

Won’t you and your family make saving lives a "Family Affair"
this holiday season by scheduling your next donations?
Helping a patient in need is a great way to give back during the giving season!


Click here or call 866-288-1500 to schedule your donation.
Click here for donor center hours and locations or call to find a mobile blood drive.
Visit our website to view this month's holiday promotions!

All types are needed but there is a continuous need for
Type O negative blood, O negative cmv negative baby units,
A & AB male plasma and platelets!

Thank you for your lifesaving donations!
The blood collected by Community Blood Services
stays in YOUR community to help patients in YOUR community hospitals!


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