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Bone Marrow Drive Scheduled
To Find A Match for Kyle!

September 27, 2013


Winslow Township residents can take the first step to save a life by joining the Be The Match Registry using a simple cheek swab at a bone marrow drive on Friday, September 27th at the Winslow Township Municipal Building, 125 South Route 73, Braddock.

Winslow Township is hosting the marrow drive from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. to help 11-year-old Kyle Marks find his marrow match. Kyle, who lives in Stamford, Connecticut and is of Jamaican descent, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). After being in remission for a short time his family learned that his cancer had aggressively returned. Now, Kyle’s only hope to cure this disease is a bone marrow transplant.

Donors with diverse racial or ethnic backgrounds are especially needed, as patients in need of a transplant are most likely to match someone who shares their same race or ethnicity.

The HLA Registry at Community Blood Services will be on hand tomorrow to register volunteer marrow donors. To register you should be 18-44 years of age and willing to donate for Kyle or any other patient in the world.

For thousands of patients with life-threatening diseases such as leukemia and lymphoma, a marrow transplant from an unrelated donor is their best or only hope for a cure. These patients depend on the Be The Match Registry to find a match – and a second chance at life. While many patients do find the life-saving match they need each year, more donors are needed to help increase the likelihood that all patients will find a match.

It takes about 10 minutes to fill out the form and five minutes to do the cheek swab.

You can make a difference! Join us on Friday and maybe you can help save Kyle’s life or the life of another patient in need!

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