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Community Blood Services honors our Donor Recruitment Professionals during International Donor Recruitment Professionals Day

September 19, 2012


–On September 19, Community Blood Services will join other blood centers throughout the world in celebrating Donor Recruitment Professionals Day, a day which acknowledges and celebrates the critical role blood donor recruiters play in helping to ensure safe blood is available to patients in need.

By creating awareness about the need for blood, educating and inspiring potential donors, and scheduling blood donation opportunities, blood donor recruiters play a vital and significant role in the practice of transfusion medicine. In order to recognize their passionate commitment to life and their desire to serve others, the Association of Donor Recruitment Professionals (ADRP) instituted and promotes this annual day of recognition to honor these dedicated individuals.

Our community members are encouraged to show their support for all blood donor recruiters by making a voluntary blood donation to help them meet local blood supply needs. “Community Blood Services salutes the dedicated work of our Recruitment Account Managers both in the field and on site at the blood center. It is through their efforts that an adequate blood supply is maintained for our local hospitals and their patients.” said Patrice Foresman, Recruitment Director @ Community Blood Services.

According to ADRP, about 30 million units of blood components are transfused annually in the United States. Blood transfusions are a critical component in the treatment of people with serious medical conditions, including cancer patients, organ transplant recipients, and accident and trauma victims. Volunteer blood donors are the primary source of blood used for transfusions.

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