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April 2012


MVP Most Valuable Plasma Donor

You’re Our Type!

As a Type AB male donor you’re just our type!

Imagine a burn or accident victim awaiting a lifesaving plasma donation from a special type of donor like YOU. Your Type AB blood makes you the universal plasma donor - the perfect type to donate plasma and to join our MVP ("Most Valuable Plasma") DONOR CLUB.

As a special MVP club member, we’re asking you to commit
to at least THREE lifesaving donations this year.


Type AB plasma is "universal" because it can be transfused to any patient, regardless of their blood type. Your commitment as a club member will help trauma patients in community hospitals!

Sign up the next time you come to donate.
Or call 201-251-3703 to find out more and sign up today!
Click here or call 866-228-1500 to schedule your next donation.

Thank you for your lifesaving blood donations!

As a club member you’ll receive:
 MVP Donor T-shirt
 MVP sticker each time you donate that identifies you as a special donor
 Recognition certificate and ceremony at the end of the year

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Life Shared. Life Saved.

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