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Glen Rock 9-Year-Old Makes Donation to New Jersey Cord Blood Bank at Community Blood Services

November 2011

Jeremy recently visited Community Blood Services in Paramus, NJ to present President and CEO Dr. Dennis Todd with an $80 contribution to the New Jersey Cord Blood Bank.

GLEN ROCK, NJ - Nine-year-old Jeremy of Glen Rock recently made an $80 donation to the public New Jersey Cord Blood Bank (NJCBB) at Community Blood Services, which collects, processes and stores umbilical cord blood stem cells from newborns for use by seriously ill patients around the world. Jeremy, who presented the check to Dr. Dennis Todd, president and CEO of Community Blood Services, chose to donate to New Jersey’s only public cord blood program in celebration of his 8th anniversary following a lifesaving stem cell transplant on September 27, 2003.

When he was just 7 ˝ months old, Jeremy was diagnosed with a rare, life-threatening genetic blood disorder called Hemophagocytic Lympho Histiocytosis. Without a bone marrow transplant, he would not have survived. As in most cases like Jeremy’s no one in his family was a match. His parents found Jeremy’s lifesaving match thanks to a mom from Italy who publicly donated her baby's umbilical cord blood so it would be there when someone like Jeremy needed it. Today, Jeremy is a healthy 4th-grader who enjoys playing video games and laughing with his sister Valerie and his many friends

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