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June 2011


Community Blood Services. O- You’re his type.


As a Type O- CMV* negative blood donor,
you’re just our type!

Imagine a tiny baby awaiting a lifesaving blood donation from a special type of donor like YOU. Each week we need 60 Type O- CMV negative donors to help seriously ill babies in our hospitals. Every time you donate you make a difference in the life of a critically ill baby in our community hospitals!

As a very special donor, we invite you to schedule your next lifesaving donation and join our new

By committing to at least THREE lifesaving donations a year as a club member, you can have the heartwarming feeling of knowing you are helping to save the lives of babies who need you!

As a club member
you’ll receive:

• Special Delivery T-shirt

• Special Delivery sticker each
  time you donate that identifies
  you as a special donor

• Special Delivery sticker on each
  blood donation sent to the

• Recognition certificate and
  ceremony at the end of the year

To sign up or schedule your next donation at one of our donor centers:
click here or call 866-228-1500

Thank you for your lifesaving blood donations!

Life Shared. Life Saved.

*CMV (cytomegalovirus) is a common virus found in the environment. It is not generally a
serious infection EXCEPT for patients like newborn babies who are seriously ill.

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