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Lifesaving Blood Donors
Honor Paramus Police Officer

February 15, 2011


At a blood drive held this week at the Paramus Ambulance Corp in honor of Paramus Police Officer Rachel Morgan, 237 blood donors made lifesaving donations to help replenish the blood supply at Community Blood Services.

Officer Morgan, who was critically wounded during a shooting while on duty Feb. 6, does not need blood but donors showed their support of Morgan by helping to rebuild the blood supply which has dwindled in recent weeks following eight snowstorms.

Donors can continue to make blood donations in honor of Officer Morgan at Community Blood Services' Paramus or Lincoln Park donor centers. Anyone donating blood in honor of Officer Morgan at one of these centers can fill out a receipt that will be shared with the ambulance corps to confirm the donation.

Police officers and emergency medical technicians from throughout region were among the many donors who lined up to register throughout the day on Tuesday, Feb. 15 at tables decorated with red and white balloons so they could donate at the drive held by the Paramus police department and ambulance corps.

Paramus Policemen's Benevolent Association member distributed blue car stickers with Morgan's badge number, 431, and Community Blood Services' tagline, "Life Shared. Life Saved." Community Blood Services' volunteers also handed out gold stickers with Morgan's badge number to donors as they left the drive.

"By coming out to donate at this special drive, donors helped ensure blood will be available when needed by patients in the more than 30 hospitals served by Community Blood Services, or if it is needed in the event of an emergency or traumatic event like the one involving Officer Morgan," said Karen Ferriday of Community Blood Services.

"It was so heartwarming to see the community come together to not only support Officer Morgan but their community blood center," Ferriday said. She noted blood, which only has a shelf life of 35 days, is always in demand and must continuously be replenished.

To find out locations and hours of operation at the Paramus and Lincoln Park donor centers, click here. To schedule an appointment to donate in Officer Morgan's honor click here or call toll free 866-228-1500.

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