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January 2011


Be a Baby's Hero

As a Type O CMV* negative donor, you are special — your blood type can help save the lives of newborns!

More than 60 donors like you are needed every week to treat seriously ill babies in our community hospitals. You can make a difference to a baby in need when you join “The O Team” at Community Blood Services and commit to at least four donations a year.

Click here or call 866-228-1500 to schedule your lifesaving appointment.
Click here for a list of convenient locations and hours.

You will receive a special thank you gift
in appreciation of your lifesaving donation.

*CMV (cytomegalovirus) is a common virus found in the environment. It is not generally a serious infection EXCEPT for patients
like newborn babies who are seriously ill.

Donors receive non-fasting
cholesterol and glucose health screenings.


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