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Oh, No!
More Snow!
Help Re-Build the Blood Supply, Please Donate Today!

January 2011


A winter storm warning for the metropolitan area for Friday, January 7th could further impact Community Blood Services’ blood supply which already has been hard hit by last week’s blizzard and the lack of donors during the holidays.

“We urge all eligible blood and platelet donors to please come donate at one of our donor centers or community mobile blood drives before the storm hits, or right after the cleanup, to ensure blood is there when patients in our community hospitals need it,” said Karen Ferriday, director of Community Affairs. Up to six inches of snow is expected throughout the day on Friday, she noted.

At least 250 units of blood are needed daily to meet the needs of patients in our area hospitals and that does not change during the holiday season or in the winter months, Ferriday said. Last week’s blizzard closed Community Blood Services’ donor centers and canceled some blood drives, she noted.

All blood types are needed, especially O-, O+, and B-, Ferriday said. In addition, platelets are needed to treat cancer patients and other seriously ill patients and Type O cmv (cytomegalovirus) negative donors are needed to treat babies in our area hospitals.

Traditionally, the blood supply dwindles nationwide each year during December and the winter months because donors are busy holiday shopping and traveling, are ill or stay home because of cold and stormy weather.

“We must rely on our generous donors to help re-build the supply following the holidays, and want to remind them that they can make the difference in someone’s life,” Ferriday said. She said all donors who donate between today and Monday, January 10th will receive a Shop Rite gift card as a thank you from Community Blood Services.

Donors can click here to find center locations and hours or click here to schedule an appointment to donate, or can call toll free 866-228-1500 for more information or to schedule an appointment. Walk-ins are welcome to donate blood but an appointment is needed to donate platelets.

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