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October 18, 2010


On October 18th Community Blood Services will be asking the NJ legislators to support Senate Bill S1534 and Assembly bill A1642. If passed, this legislation will provide sustainable funding for our cord blood program. This funding is critical to continue the program and help save more lives.

Bill A1642 and Senate Bill S1534 would provide funding to the NJCBB by collecting a $5 fee for each certified copy of a birth certificate issued in New Jersey. The $5 fee will be deposited into a non-lapsing revolving fund to be known as the New Jersey Public Cord Blood Bank Fund and used to support the state –designated public cord blood bank in collecting, processing, and storing cord blood for public use.

To date, our program has shipped over 225 cord blood units to treat critically ill patients worldwide.

Please consider signing and sending the attached letters to your local representative.

Click on the links below to display and print the forms

New Jersey Senate Letter
New Jersey Assembly Letter

Then, you can fill out the letters and mail them to your representatives in State Assemby and Senate

You can find you local representative by logging onto
just follow these simple steps:

  • Find your district by locating your county and town.
  • Once you found your district click on the number and find your local senator or assembly person.

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