Donating Blood

Whole Blood Program 

Neighbors Helping Neighbors


Each day more than 300 transfusions are needed by patients in our area.  Seventy-five percent of the 

population will need blood at some time in their lives.  In contrast, only 5 percent of the population donates blood.


Experience and caring are the hallmarks of the Whole Blood Collection Team. These skilled professionals 

guide each donor through a careful medical screening and collection procedure.  Blood is drawn by sterile equipment; all needles are discarded after one use.


Each unit of blood undergoes rigorous testing procedures.  In addition to blood typing, tests include 

screening for hepatitis, syphilis, HTLV-I, and HIV.  Blood that tests positive is destroyed and the

 donor notified.


The blood is distributed to area hospitals for trauma victims, premature newborns, and patients undergoing surgery, cancer treatment and other procedures.


Whole Blood Donation Schedule at Community Blood Services: 

 Monday to Friday  8 AM to 8 PM 

 Saturday 9 AM to 2 PM

Whole Blood Donation # 201-251-3703   

Toll-free phone number for NY residents to call to make an appointment to donate # 866-228-1500


Whole Blood Donations at Other Locations    

Call for Appointments  # 201-251-3703

Englewood Hospital


 4 PM to 7:45 PM

Rutherford at Felician College

Sammartino Hall 

West Passaic St. & 

Montrose Avenue



4 PM to 7:45 PM

We are expanding into 

 New York 

Arden Hill Hospital

Goshen, NY



Every third Friday

3PM to 7:30 PM

Set up a corporate  or community blood drive by contacting Chris!

e-mail Chris 

"People who have donated whole blood at least once are eligible to become platelet donors."

Platelet  Donation by appointment only

Apheresis Donations # 201-251-3733

Autologous/Directed/Therapeutic Programs


All students who are 17 years old and wish to donate must have a Blood Center Consent Form

 signed by a parent or guardian. Those who are 18 years old do not require parental permission.

Download Form 

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Donating Blood is Safe and Easy!   Just follow the steps below:

See our map for directions and enter the Community Blood Bank off of Linwood Avenue.
Park in the back parking lot.
Enter the doors to the donor area.
Say hello to our friendly staff at the front desk.
Complete a registration form with the help our staff.
Review the form with a staff member.
Help a neighbor by donating blood under safe and sterile conditions.
Have some refreshments with the help of our volunteer staff
Enjoy the sense of pride from knowing you helped a neighbor.

"Do you know that besides doing a great job helping others, you are also helping your own body? Your red blood cells (RBCs) live only 120 days, after which they die and get buried in the spleen (the RBC cemetery). The unit of blood that you donate not only saves three lives but causes your system to reproduce new, young red blood cells to replace old, less functioning cells. These new cells are more capable of carrying oxygen, hormones and nutrients to the tissues and bringing back carbon dioxide and metabolic waste, which improves your circulation and, thus, improves your health!!!"

F. Khairullah, Donor Services supervisor

Some of Our Donors

Whole Blood Staff