Apheresis Program†

A Life-Saving Connection

Apheresis (A-fur-ee-sis) is a process that allows a donorís blood to be channeled through a sterile, single-use disposable kit, which collects the platelets or plasma and then returns the red cells to the donor. A platelet donation takes less than 90 minutes. We ask our donors to plan on spending approximately 2 hours at the Blood Center to allow time for registration, donor screening, donating and refreshments afterwards.

Platelet and plasma donations have unique benefits for many special patients:

  • A child stricken with leukemia

  • A teenager who suffers with aplastic anemia

  • A woman with breast cancer who is receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatments

  • Burn victims who need plasma transfusions to replenish their fluid loss

Platelets are precious and perishable. They must be transfused within 5 days after donation. Platelet donors are always needed to maintain adequate supplies. To be a part of our life-saving team, please contact Apheresis Recruitment at (201) 251-3733.

My name is Valeria.†

In March of 1996, I discovered a lump in my breast.Following surgery, I received chemotherapy, radiation treatments and a stem cell transplant that required many blood and platelet transfusions.

I am grateful to all of the people who donated their life-saving blood and platelets.Because of them, I am able to enjoy life with my family.

As an activist for breast cancer awareness, I urge everyone to donate blood or platelets.Patients in our area battling cancer and other life-threatening diseases need your help.

To schedule an appointment, please call:

Apheresis Recruitment (201) 251-3733

Thomas Krenn of Ridgewood and Doris Gerber of Cresskill

have each made more than 180 life-saving platelet donations at Community Blood Services.

Apheresis Collection Staff

Some of Our Dedicated Platelet Donors