Donating Blood is Safe & Easy

Do you know that besides doing a great job helping others, you are also helping your own body? Your red blood cells (RBCs) live only 120 days, after which they die and get buried in the spleen (the RBC cemetery). The unit of blood that you donate not only saves three lives but causes your system to reproduce new, young red blood cells to replace old, less functioning cells. These new cells are more capable of carrying oxygen, hormones and nutrients to the tissues and bringing back carbon dioxide and metabolic waste, which improves your circulation and, thus, improves your health!

To get more information or to schedule your blood donation please call any of the following numbers:

Blood Donations:   201-251-3703

Platelet Donations:  201-251-3733

Or call our main number for more information - 201-444-3900

Click here for directions to our donation centers