Community Blood Services has a brand new look.
One of the region’s largest blood collection centers, with locations in Paramus, Oradell, Lincoln Park and Allendale, New Jersey, and in Goshen, New York, the organization has unveiled its revamped logo design, tagline, collateral pieces and signage, as part of its recently announced new marketing effort.
The campaign’s main objective is to bring continuity to the growing organization, whose four main entities - the blood donation and banking service, Elie Katz Umbilical Cord Blood Program, The HLA Registry and Community Blood Services Foundation - were previously represented by separate identities.

“Although Community Blood Services is already a well-established and respected organization, as we continue to expand our service areas we wanted to establish a discernible look and feel that encompasses our many areas of expertise,” explained Karen Ferriday, Community Blood Services’ newly appointed director of community affairs. “The new branding initiative will serve our promotional, programmatic and recruitment efforts by building on Community Blood Services’ strong recognition factor and using unified, integrated marketing solutions.”

The new logo, which serves as the foundation of the entire branding strategy, symbolizes and emphasizes the organization’s service to the community. The design utilizes only a single graphic element – a blood drop replacing the “O” in the word ‘community’ that features a partial red fill to reinforce the continuous and growing need for blood donations. Its contemporary, clean appearance denotes the scientific and clinical growth of Community Blood Services’ programs, balanced with the organization’s life-saving mission.

The positioning tagline - “Life Shared. Life Saved.” - was based on extensive interviews with staff members and other community stakeholders and unanimously agreed upon as a statement that represents Community Blood Services’ core mission and goals.
The campaign was created by New York-based Berkshire Marketing Group, Inc. (BMG).

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